36.85 mi

Elevation gain

14,455 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

12,290 ft

Max elevation

8,913 ft



Min elevation

4,539 ft

Trail type

One Way




September 5, 2021


September 2021

Weather Forecast

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Weather Forecast Weather Forecast
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8,913 ft
4,539 ft
36.85 mi

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near Bāḍ Bhañjyāṅ, Bagmati Province (Nepal)

Staring off just above the Naagdhunga checkpost on highway out of the valley, the trail climbs up to Bhimdunga and passes just below the temple before taking you down towards Halchowk. From there you enter the Nagarjun national forest and have a steep climb up to the first KVR peak, Jamacho. After Jamacho, you have a beautiful long winding jungle path down to Mudkhu from where you cross over and climb back up at Tinpiple. Entering te Shivapuri National park you reach the checkpoint at Gurje Banyang and start the long climb up on the Shivapuri ridge before reaching the seconf KVR peak, from there a nice opportunity to stretch the legs again on the track to Chisapani where you exit the national park and if doing so in the daylight, have a chance on some beautiful mountain views.


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