Join us on our mission to help millions of people to have memorable outdoor experiences. We're building top products and services and we're seeking the top talent. Interested?

You will join our small team that designs, develops and implements all the codes for and apps. We have an ambitious vision with lots of cool stuff to do and you will work on all product-level decisions. Your work will reach millions of people worldwide in a short time.

We expect that all Wikiloc team members have excellent communication skills and you are able to clearly get your vision or opinions across.

We’d like you to be the kind of person who has strong integrity and is relatively free of ego, you're a team player, pragmatic problem-solver and self-driven, doer ideally with successful samples of projects online (mobile apps, designs, writings, web projects or open-source contributions) and active on GitHub, Stackoverflow, Dribbble or Wikipedia. Experience working with remote teammates is a plus.

Wikiloc is a remote-work company although we need a reasonable overlap with Barcelona time in your normal work-day routine.

A good sense of humor, passion for outdoor sports and being an active Wikiloc user is also a big plus!

Our currently open positions:

Site Reliability Engineer

We’re hiring one Site Reliability Engineer for our Operations team. As Wikiloc keeps growing our systems have to be re-architected to relieve bottlenecks, keep data safe and secure and make the ecosystem easier to maintain and evolve. Your job will be to spot and mitigate all the things that could go wrong before they do. But you know that from time to time it’s likely that that thing will hit the fan so part of the work includes being available for on-call duty.

Our stack includes PostgreSQL, Redis, NGINX, HAProxy, Tomcat, ElasticSearch, Cloudflare, Amazon S3, postfix and all our servers are dedicated machines at Hetzner running Debian. Our provisioning, configuration and deploying tool is Ansible.

As SRE, we expect you to master the Unix toolchain, have a solid grasp on SQL and basic networking concepts, and decent programming skills capable of not just writing systems scripts but also understanding existing backend code and making the necessary changes if they impact system performance, security and stability.

For this position the following experience is relevant to us:

  • Scaling high-traffic web apps (host architecture/databases/caching)
  • Performance benchmarking and monitoring tools
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Continuous integration
  • Great communication skills
  • Reconfiguring services on the fly
  • An eye for automation and instrumentation
  • Java in a production environment is a plus
  • Master’s degree in computer science is a plus
  • Solid experience with one or more of our areas Ansible, Redis, Elastic Search, Postgres, Nginx, Tomcat, Amazon S3, is definitely a bonus.

We have built, scaled and optimized our infrastructure ourselves with no external help other than meetings with friends at startups that have already surfed the big waves before us to exchange ideas and validate our roadmaps. We know our setup deeply and you’ll be working hand-in-hand with a team that is always happy to answer questions and share their collective wisdom. You’ll teach us and you can expect the same in return.

We started in 2006 with a single, manually set-up server. Today, our servers receive millions of requests every day and our infrastructure looks much different and more complex. We have migrated to an "infrastructure as code" architecture that spans dozens of servers and a handful of heterogeneous services, in order to fulfill the needs of 6 million users that rely on Wikiloc for their outdoor activities. Our community has collectively created 17 million trails and 30 million photos (that's over 70 TB of data!), and that number is growing very rapidly, with 700,000 new trails and 900,000 new images added to Wikiloc in the last month alone.

As SRE, here are some things you could work on:

  • Participate actively in the design and implementation of the next generation of Wikiloc's systems infrastructure, making it faster, more resilient and fault tolerant. This includes architecture design, capacity planning, fine-tuning, upgrades, evaluating new technologies and working closely with the backend team.
  • Set up and maintain a state-of-the-art monitoring system that keeps track of not just server metrics, but also custom application performance metrics.
  • Resolve production incidents and identify solutions that prevent that incident from happening again.
  • Deploy and operate new services and technologies needed by the product team.
  • Improve our data backup processes, to ensure we are always ready in case of disaster recovery.
  • Review code changes from the backend team and make recommendations on performance critical code and database queries.
  • Create documentation on processes, best practices and "red books" on incident response.
  • Provide technical assistance and support to other teams on application design and tuning, when it might affect performance, security, data safety or systems stability.

We’re looking for experienced candidates only for this role. You should have been doing this work before in a professional setting, but you also won’t know how all our systems work on day one. You will have an onboarding process with time to learn.

Also, when you apply please tell us about yourself, about what you can bring to Wikiloc and something that excites you in joining us. Explain some achievement you've been actively involved that you feel proud of.​

We work on only one thing, Wikiloc, and we've been paying special attention to team efficiency and happiness for 14 years, from conceptualization and UX to support and operations. And as you will see we have very little rotation of team members. You can look forward to doing your best work and building a career here, with your direct contribution to continuing to deliver great products to millions of people while having fun together along the way.

Android Engineer

We are hiring an Android engineer to develop awesome features for the Wikiloc app.

Millions of people use Wikiloc and rely on it for their outdoor experiences. Currently, our Android team consists of two people. We are looking for another team member to join us and help us improve the app and deliver delightful outdoor experiences for the Wikiloc community.

For this position, we are looking for someone who has experience developing Android apps, solid programming skills, and a sharp analytical mind. Having good product taste and empathy for people is a must too. Above all, we are looking for managers of one. If you're a go-getter with a love for product craftsmanship and a sense of urgency for shipping new and exciting features, or if you are someone who's not afraid of diving into a big codebase to fix a hairy bug, we want you.

Our app is built from a fairly standard modern Android stack: Kotlin, RxJava, Jetpack, Retrofit, Firebase, Koin, etc. We follow the MVVM architecture, and we use Realm for persistence. You should be familiar with most of those technologies.

As an Android Engineer at Wikiloc, here are just a few examples of things you might work on:

  • The next generation of offline maps for the mobile app.
  • New trail exploration and navigation features.
  • Partner integrations: Garmin, Suunto, etc.
  • Improving the battery consumption and performance of the app.
  • Algorithms to improve recording and navigation accuracy.
  • Conceptualizing new features and writing project stories.
  • Bug fixing.

Great work is never done by a single person, so you'll be working hand-in-hand with the rest of your teammates from the Android, iOS, and backend teams. We hope to learn tons from you and teach you what we know in return.

There's much work to do on the Wikiloc app for Android, and we have lots of ideas and projects in the pipeline for making the app better. We owe it to our community to do a good job. Join us to build and shape the mobile app used and loved by millions of outdoor enthusiasts!

About us

Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world use Wikiloc to explore and share the best outdoor trails for doing many activities like hiking and mountain biking. Since we launched the iOS and Android apps, hundreds of thousands of users have embraced them as an easy and effective way to track their activities, discover great trails and have fun outside.

Wikiloc has been granted awards from organizations such as Google, National Geographic and Garmin. We are located in the Parc Científic UdG in Girona, Spain, near the Pyrenees mountains and the beautiful Mediterranean coast; an ideal location for testing our products!

How to apply

If all of this sounds exciting to you, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at with your resume and a cover letter telling us about yourself and why you want to work at Wikiloc.

The ability to convey your ideas in a clear manner by removing all the nonsense from your writing is a super power. And we think that's true in many situations, not just in a completely remote and asynchronous environment like ours.

That's why a strong, personalized cover letter for Wikiloc is essential. Sell yourself to us in a very short letter, so well written and well thought out that we can see that you know how to communicate.