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near Graeme Hall, Christ Church (Barbados)

This walking trail starts opposite the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security along Graeme Hall Road in Christ Church at 13.07479°N and -59.56932°W. Walk heading south-east along Agave Drive and then turn along Graeme Hall Road 13.07467°N and -59.56903°W heading south. Follow Graeme Hall Road until 13.07152°N and -59.56587°W at Maxwell Hill Road. From here you would turn left heading east. Maxwell Hill Road is quite long and there’s very little shade along most of this road so it’s probably best to do this early morning, late evening, or just wear a hat. Additionally, the road is quite narrow with no sidewalks and two lanes of extremely fast moving traffic so exercise extreme caution. There are exceptional views of the Atlantic Ocean along Maxwell Hill Road though. I made a stop at Christ Church Parish Church. It’s a must see and very accessible. It’s located just off Church Road at 13.06526°N and -59.53834°W. I continued along Church Road until Oistins Hill Road and Highway T. This road intersects Highway 7 at the Oistins Fish Market at 13.03698°N and -59.54330°W. The Oistins area is popular with tourists and locals alike for the “fish fry.” Busiest nights here are Thursdays through Saturdays. The Oistins Bus Depot is along here as well at 13.06279°N and -59.54168°W. You can get a “blue bus” or a “yellow bus” or a “ZR Van” to go to Speighstown or Bridgetown from here. Continue heading east along Highway 7 to Enterprise Beach Road at 13.06261°N and -59.54127°W. This short trek leads to the world famous Miami Beach. It’s great for a swim and a meal at Mr. Delicious Snack Bar. Unfortunately at this time the snack bar is closed. Continue back along Enterprise Beach Road heading west. I walked along Highway 7 to Welches Beach located at 13.06492°N and -59.54909°W. Turn left heading south along Dover Road at 13.06982°N and -59.56396°W. Dover Road leads directly to world famous St. Lawrence Gap and quite a lot of very good restaurants, five star hotels, and great bars along the south coast of the island. This area is quite popular with tourists and is extremely safe. Dover beach is located at 13.06665°N and -59.56897°W and is a good place for a swim and a good meal as well as the island’s locally made rum punch. Continue walking along St. Lawrence Gap heading west to the junction with Highway 7 at 13.06904°N and -59.57575°W. Continue along Highway 7 heading east to Top Rock Roundabout at 13.07027°N and -59.56820°W at the Sol Service Station. Then take Graeme Hall Road back to the starting point.

Maxwell Hill Road

This waypoint is located at the corner of Graeme Hall Road and Maxwell Hill Road.

Great Views

This waypoint is located along the Maxwell Hill Road overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Church Hill

This waypoint is located at the corner of Church Hill & Maxwell Hill Roads.
Religious site

Christ Church Parish Church

This waypoint is located at the front of Christ Church Parish Church.

Highway T

This waypoint is located at the corner of Maxwell Hill Road and Highway T.
Bus stop

Oistins Transit Hub

This waypoint is located at the Oistins Transit Hub.

Miami Beach

This waypoint is located at Miami Beach (Enterprise Beach).

Oistins Fish Fry

This waypoint is located at the Oistins Bay Garden, site of the Oistins Fish Fry.

Welches Beach

This waypoint is located along Welches Beach.

Dover Road

This waypoint is located at the corner of Highway 7 and Dover Road.

Dover Beach

This waypoint is located at Dover Beach.

St Lawrence Gap

This waypoint is located at the start of St. Lawrence Gap from the western end at Highway 7.

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    Trini Hiker Jul 19, 2019

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    I did this trail... It was quite nice but it would have been easier to do it early morning or late evening. There are long sections of the trail with no canopy cover and the sun can be relentless... I found the traffic was heavy along Maxwell Hill Road and also along Highway 7.

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