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near Sesriem, Hardap (Republic of Namibia)

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Three weeks in Namibia: "private" trip so much the country is under populated both in population and tourists. Even in the most touristy places, we were "alone".
A country civilized but still very wild. Miles of tracks and straight roads, landscapes, sites, game, friendly people, an eternally blue sky and an ideal temperature. The tracks are good, but you need a big 4x4 with two spare wheels and a double fuel tank because the uninhabited distances are great, with no telephone connection and brittle corrugated iron. We have stayed in private campsites and lodges, but we can camp "wild" or homestay everywhere. The cheapest dollar is bought with cash at the "Windhoeck Bank" which takes no commission. This is much cheaper than ATMs and visa commissions. There are gas pumps that accept Visa in the "big" cities, but most want cash. If we talk about hiking, it's a bit difficult in this huge country where landscapes change little and where hiking is quickly monotonous. We had no flies or mosquitoes and we did not see a cloud in three weeks.
Three weeks in Namibia. A trip all by yourself because the whole country is just empty. You are happy when you meet somebody or come across a cloud of dust crossing a car. Even in the big touristy places, you hardly meet anybody. The dirt roads are ok, but one still has a double tank and a double tank because they are a real killer for cars and tires. The scheaper dollar is bought with cash at Windhoeck Bank. It is difficult to "trek" in this country with lanscapes that do not change much. No bugs, no flies and blue sky the whole time.

Erindi in Omaruru: A reserve well supplied with felines "chipped" and thus findable. The water hole is well located.
Waterberg: to see and even if the "game drive" is not great, I think it must be done. There are small walks that allow you to walk the cliff.
Etosha: a lot of patience and kms and you will see everything. It is a very beautiful park.
Epupa: "Flowing water does Namibia"
Palmwag: the "self drive", early in the morning, is good. You have to go to the canyon to find the game. But the landscape itself is very beautiful.
Twyfelfontein: "petroglyphs galore"
Hohenstein: Commiphora "
Rostock Ritz: "Meerkats" and "Zebras of the desert"
Namib desert: "Petrified dunes: Petrified dunes"
Sossusvlei "Only in the world", "Is there water?", "Oryx in the sand"
Wolwedans: "From the top of a dune", "Giraffes and boulders", Oryx ride "," Sundiver "
Fish River Canyon: "Aloe will see and precipices"
Quivertree forest: the detour is worth it, it's a special place and it's worth taking a break between Windhoeck and Fish River Canyon.
Bagatelle: "Elan and dunes".

Sossusvlei, the mythical site of Namibia. And it's not a myth, it's really a very beautiful place of its kind.
With this "idiotic" system, people who are not in the park can only access it after sunrise and after a long queue in front of the park doors; it is imperative to stay in the park. In addition, if you stay in the campsite, you can only start riding an hour before sunrise, while if you are at "Sossus Dune Lodge" you start whenever you want. All the people who live around the park are badly disadvantaged: why? The road in the park is asphalted for 60 km except for the last five kilometers which are only passable by 4x4 ... again, why? To exploit the tourist?
We visited Big Daddy at the end of the afternoon while descending on Dead Vlei, we were alone and the place was really magical. We waited until sunset. It is neither the sunrises nor the sunsets that are beautiful but just the fact that the light is oblique and gives shadows. The next morning we were the first on the side of Big Mammy and again alone because everyone goes to Dead Vlei. Deid Vlei who is more particular than Soussus Vlei. After we did the Canyon of Sesriem which is not worth it. But it's right next, so have a look.
By cons, do not stop at the dune 45 because it is the site of Big Daddy, Big Mammy is really beautiful and the dune 45 is just a dune at the edge of a road. The site of Deadvlei is beautiful even later in the morning.
Finally, if you want to be very early and you have something to camp and a 4x4, stay on the parking Big Mommy at night and nothing will happen to you. A "false" failure is much more common than is believed in this country.


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