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near Ingeniero Jacobacci, Río Negro (Argentina)

End of track. No bumps allowed here.
This is to to turn broad gauge locos
  • Photo of Wool Sheed
On steam times wool were transfered here from industrial gauge cars to broad gauge cars.
Yes, a true Piggott modular tank. Note that each module contains one cubice meter of water. By counting the modules you can know the tank capacity. This is a remember from the steam era
1922 original old storage shed preserved
Also preserved
A very nice station in middle of the desert.
  • Photo of Bus Terminus
  • Photo of Bus Terminus
Well, buses uses this station as terminus But we don't modified the building apparience, because we don't want to ruin this nice scenic building. So buses stop at the old fashioned way, in parallel to the cord
Yes, Trochita has a separate passenger building were you can buy train parafernalia
  • Photo of Patagonic historical sleepers bungalows
True Patagonian railway style Made with sleepers
A small and hughe place to remember all those people who worked on this railway. And a bit of peace for us
True steam era element. Trully is a miniturntable, acording to this railroad size.
Located only 100m from the passenger building, and at the other station square. It has its own history. Bucth knowed it.
Located in front of the Railroaders Square
Yes, we have.
  • Photo of Indian Crafts Market
True indians works. Very refinated and excellent quality! And originals from Patagonia.
Small, but... here they have dinosuar eggs.
The most required place by the tourists. All small and antique.
  • Photo of Patagonic Mainteinance Sheed 1.676m Gauge
Yep, a journey back in time. Old tools, steam crane, wooden cars... Well, the TER was restored. See station photo.
  • Photo of Historical Rolling Stock
A true open air museum... from the steam era.
  • Photo of 30ft Tank Car
A case for Agent Mulder. The car is not from our fleet. And appeared in middle of nowhere. Flying Zeppelins?
Strange... very strange
Small, but efficient... and a alternative in case of emergency.
  • Photo of American Water Tank
Part of the railway scenery.
Still in use
A little place to remember this little Railroad that could.
Brigde has dual tracks. Another strange thing here.
  • Photo of The World famous Trochita Junction
This is the kilometer 648. Here broad gauge follows straight, while the industrial gauge turns ledt, as you can see.
  • Photo of Junction Building
True ghost place. Want to put a hotel here?
  • Photo of 1922 Historical Famillereux boxcars
True back in time. No time machine is required here. (Our train is a time machine... well Time Express)
This is a small truss bridge. It provides a nice view, and the sensation to be flying with the train.
  • Photo of Indian paints
  • Photo of Indian paints
  • Photo of Indian paints
On this cliff you can see true indian paints.
  • Photo of Est. OJOS DE AGUA
Here tourists downs to go to the Ranch
  • Photo of Yuquiche Ranch
  • Photo of Yuquiche Ranch
  • Photo of Yuquiche Ranch
  • Photo of Yuquiche Ranch
  • Photo of Yuquiche Ranch
Well, here we have another adventure in middle of nowhere. The place has the original "Pulpería" visited by Mr. Cassidy. Sheep barbecue is a tradition here. And you have 25.000 hectars of space to walk or ride.
  • Photo of Mallin
A mallin is a low area, with mud and humidity. Not easy to cross.
Isolated antistress place.
Strange. They are passing caves
  • Photo of Dolomites
  • Photo of Dolomites
Very strange rock formations
A big cave


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