236 45 0


2.23 mi

Elevation gain

636 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

623 ft

Max elevation

138 ft



Min elevation

-53 ft

Trail type

One Way


34 minutes




January 16, 2011


January 2011
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138 ft
-53 ft
2.23 mi

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near Jiangmen, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1084 was an away hash to take part in possibly starting a new chapter in Jiangmen, China. About a two hour bus ride south of Guangzhou, this excursion attracted 36 eager hashers to see........Platterpuss. Yes, the return of one of the long serving hashers of the GZ H3 brought out a few onlookers trying to see what Hash retirement looks like. Obviously taking a toll on this previously strong hasher who ended up struggling through a rather uneventful 3.5 kilometer stroll through a drab public park in Jiangmen center city. Treated to warm hospitality by the founding hare, Stray Dog, who went all out in providing sufficient refreshments and a very posh restaurant (by GZ H3 standards) with a mix of western and chinese food. While certainly not of the length or complexity of a dumb and dumber hash, it was none the less an excuse to get out of the big dirty (Guangzhou) and see another crowded polluted city in southern China. Most of the front runners stayed together and upon coming to a beer stop we immediately broke open some cold ones thinking that we would empty the contents of the cans and be on our way for the second part of the trail. We were surprised to find out that this was in fact the end after only 30 or so minutes of running. Waiting awhile for the second half of the pack to arrive we started getting ready to have a quick circle before moving on to the restaurant. With a quick run, early dinner combining the circle we were on the bus for the trip back by 6:30pm but being delayed in traffic did not arrive till after 9:00pm. But the day all in all was successful as we did finally find a name for Wayne (the Australian redneck wannabe) who forever more will be known as Hammered and Nailed. A very fitting name to go along with his companion and wannabe Australian trailer trash, Shazza.


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