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11.47 mi

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near Joaquim Egídio, São Paulo (Brazil)

Excellent Sunday morning training trail run ... Shared with very considerate mountain bikers :-) ... Can be expanded up to 45k or more ...

+++ UPDATE +++

- Without taking pictures actually a nice 1:50 training circuit averaging approx. 6:15 min per km!
- D&D trail (= dusty&dry ...)
- So far - apparently very safe ... actually, the "trail" is a farm road, plenty of houses and farms along the way
- Occasional (also very considerate) cars give rise to the dusty "D" :-)
- Could also be a very nice night run with headlights, as not very technical


Shoes: good profile recommended; especially on the sandy/gravely/rocky downhill, which is slippery ... I prefer light trail runners!

Liquid: given the D&D, I usually down 1l per loop - - - currently very low humidity (<20%), you dry out like a prune! I use my Salomon hand bottles with two 500 mL soft flasks (http://www.salomon.com/others/product/s-lab-sense-hydro-set.html) - LOVE them!


If you have additional trails you recommend, please post a link - I am interested in:

- Loop trails only
- Max. 30-40 min drive from Cambui
- 10-30 km length with at least 300-1000 m elevation gain per loop
- Technically more difficult is preferred (e.g., single trail)


August 10 (Campinas; Barrao Geraldo):
8k Trail Run - - - 6ª Corrida Eco Running in Mata Santa Genebra

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    Anderson Leandro Jan 13, 2019

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    Bastante subida, mas no geral é tranquila.

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