Time  2 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1897

Uploaded May 18, 2014

Recorded May 2014

2,109 f
-20 f
13.24 mi

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near Áyios Vasílios, West Greece (Greece)

My second big preparation trail run for Metsovo 2014 race. Again distance and elevation gain is very close to the race's route. This time 21k with +840m. Most part of this route I have done on few occasions on my mtb. The only new part is hiking path down from church of AgGiorgos Drepanou (which was also the most fun part I was anxious about).

0,0k at 0m - AgVassileios. Start from the village of AgVassileios, down from the beach. Ascent with asphalt road all the way to Platani, crossing old and new national roads.

2,2k at 140m - Platani. Trail turns right and crosses the river with the bridge, later passes next to Equestrian club where dirt road starts, first a bit flat and very soon with steep climb. This area was heavily burned during July 2012 fires and even through its getting greener and greener every spring, it still shows lots of signes of the past fires. Following steep dirt road, trail reaches village of AnoKastritsi.

7,9k at 533m - AnoKastritsi. Trail enters the village next to small church and from this point follows main asphalt road of the village still with ascent. At 9th km, there is a spring where I refilled my water supplies and continued up. After next 300m (at second turn from the spring) the trail leaves main road (that goes right) and continues straight with dirt road. Very soon after reaches highest point of the route at 640m and from that point nice descent start until same spring that was crosses in Platani. A short steep climb from the spring leads to the church of Profiti Ilias Argyras.

12,2k at 520m - Profiti Ilias Argyras. Nicely located small church with panoramic views to hte mountains and the gulf with Rio-Antirio bridge. A short section with asphalt road starts from here and for another 2km.
NOTE: At 13,5k trail leaves main road to the right.

14,2k at 490m - End of asphalt. Trail goes straight with dirt road in direction to church of AgGiorgos Drepanou (there is a small sign). Another short ascent and later relaxing descent to the church.

16,9k at 370m - AgGiorgos Drepanou. Another nice church hidden in the hills. Quick stop and I continued down with hiking path - probably the most fun part of whole route! Path starts fairly easy with moderate descent, but closer to the end it gets more difficult to follow (see waypoint where I made a mistake 'WRONG WAY') as its less vissible and more bushes are getting into the way. I might have 'eaten' at least 30 spiderwebs in this section, which probably means last hiker past through some years ago... The path ends in dry (at this part of the year) spring to find dirt road just on the other side.

19,0k at 130m - Dry spring and dirt road. Few distance left and most of the rest of the route is done first with dirt road and very soon with asphalt all the way down to the gulf (passing again new and old national roads). Short section through the beach and to the car with local road.

21,4k at 0m - back at AgVassileios beach.

I mark it difficult trail run mainly for elevation gain and distance and some technical part on hiking path. Great fun and great views. After the run I did a quick jump to the sea (very very cold).

AgVassileios, beach


Platani, bridge


Platani, Equestrain club


Ascent, burned hills


AnoKastritsi, spring

Sacred architecture

Profiti Ilias Argyras

Sacred architecture

AgGiorgos Drepanou


Descent, hiking path




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