• Photo of KAPP SCHULTZ
  • Photo of KAPP SCHULTZ
  • Photo of KAPP SCHULTZ

Time  one hour 31 minutes

Coordinates 1064

Uploaded April 20, 2013

Recorded April 2012

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1,156 ft
-55 ft
39.78 mi

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near Nybyen, Svalbard (Svalbard and Jan Mayen)

From Longyearbyen through easy terrain until you reach Fredheim, an old trappers station. If there is no ice you have to cross by the mountain to Kapp Schultz and then it gets a little bit more difficult. But you get the most fantastic view over the fjord and The Tempel Mountain. You can go from Kapp Schultz, which is the end of this route, to the glacier front which is easy to see and find. The ship in the ice is a tourist hotel during the winter. It gets frozen in to the ice every year in january and hoefully they are free from the ice again in may/june...fantastic place.

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