6,893 ft
2,993 ft
13.77 mi

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near Manzanares el Real, Madrid (España)

Route was leisurely run on 3h15 min. For hiking time probably double that.

This is probably one of the most scenic aerial view hikes-runs in Madrid. You will be higher if you do the Cuerda Larga but here you will ascend from 900 metres to over 2200.

You will follow a ridge known as "Cuerda de Porrones"

The current route starts from the larger parking that is just outside the traffic access control barrier of la Pedriza, so you can do this hike whenever you want irrespective of whether the Pedriza´s car access is closed.

All of the route is signaled with white and yellow "small path" PR paintings. It is difficult to get lost. There are no exposed areas and good views. However, good trail-hiking shoes a must.

If you run down it is easy to trip and fall as the path is quite stony from about 1300 metres.. and there will quite a few tree roots, so easy on speak and keep eyes and balance.

It is worth doing it in both directions as the views will inevitably change.

Worth bringing sufficient water. This was done in July with 2 litres of water. Since you are following a ridge (and water moves down) there are no places to fetch water.

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