24.99 mi

Elevation gain

3,678 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

4,042 ft

Max elevation

3,282 ft


44 3.2

Min elevation

391 ft

Trail type

One Way


one day 2 hours 42 minutes




September 3, 2012


September 2012
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3,282 ft
391 ft
24.99 mi

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near Çekrezë, Elbasan (Albania)

To say it upfront: this is not a shortcut from Gramsh to Berat. The trail leads from Gramsh to the village of Sotire, then to the village of Dardhë, on to the trailhead for climbing Tomorri Mountain (Cuka Partizan), and on to the asphalt road near Berat.

Sotire is in Gramsh Region and Dardhë in Berat Region. Typically, rural roads connecting villages of different regions go through no-man's-land and are in poor repair.

Before we undertook this route, we enquired with people from Gramsh whether there was a road from Sotire to Dhardë, and they maintained there was none. In Gramsh itself, we asked the furgon drivers. They said a furgon (minibus) goes up to Sotire, and a Pajero taxi to the next village when so requested by the three families living there. They had heard about the road continuing to the reservoirs, but there the knowledge ends. They offered their cellphone numbers in case we would get stuck, and re-assured us that tractors are in the area, who would pull us out of misery if needed.

We had seen a track on google earth and gave it a try. We rate the middle part of the trail as very difficult. We didn't encounter a massive problem, but the trail was in perfectly dry conditon. Just a little rain may get you stuck for a while. The track is not used by lorries, and can be overgrown and narrow, with little escape to either side.

In summary: the trail from the bridge across the Devoll river to Sotire is easy. From Sotire to Dardhë is very difficult. From Dardhë to the trailhead is moderate (you can skip this if you don't intend to climb the mountain). From Dardhë to Berat it is easy.

Calculate about 2.5 hours from Gramsh to the trailhead, and 1 hour from the trailhead to the asphalt road near Berat

If you have time, you may do an excursion from Sotire to the waterfall, as described by Endrit Shima under trail number 2874563 (

For climbing Tomorri, see trail number 3293303 (

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ersion forces the way into a diversion, which might be impossible if the dam has high water

right 1


right 2

left from lake

right 3

right (from lake)


turn uphill to trailhead


in Dardhë


  • Photo of Toby Palm

    Toby Palm Dec 2, 2012

    Thanks for linking me here, you're right, it is an amazing shot! :)

  • crosser35 Jun 22, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I did this Trail in 2013 August by try conditions with a standard Amarok. The only Problem was the width between the bushes.

  • Photo of m_vdveen

    m_vdveen Jul 10, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We followed this route in reverse in very hot and dry weather. From Vodice up to Dardhe ver pretty, steep, but doable. From Dardhe I had in mind to continue east, but we followed Gps north along the two reservoir lakes, then take a left and further up turn right. we turned left there and had to make a very narrow turn.......Road in parts damaged by rains, so sometimes a little washed away on the downside, deep tracks, tricky. Close to Ulovë the path became very narrow and overgrown. Luckily we saw a parked Hilux so we asked for help and were on the right track. We drive o Toyota Hilux with Exkab camperunit (all in all 3 tons)
    I'm convinced there is another road from Dadhe more eastward (i can see on on the fysical map, Freytag & Berndt), but not going back to check!

  • Photo of Marcus Heuser-Link

    Marcus Heuser-Link Jun 20, 2017

    das Übernachten im Schafstall war ziemlich naheliegend! Mit 650, 690'er mit Gepäck nur bei bestem Wetter und uneingeschränkter psychischer Belastbarkeit zu machen, aber sicher nicht vernünftig! DER Psychiater (ich) sollte unbedingt vor Ort sein !!

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