Coordinates 4534

Uploaded September 4, 2012

Recorded June 2012

8,866 ft
2,459 ft
14.84 mi

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near Theth, Shkodër (Albania)

Description follows!
Unfortunately Wikiloc screwed me up by removing half of the waypoints without me nothing it - probably I have to start all over, why are there so many limitations?

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Arapit (2218m)

01-JUN-12 15:00:27



climbing only

2470 m height

crossing Arapit

19-JUN-11 15:45:49

crossing Jezerce / Vusanje

01-JUN-12 17:22:47

crossing Poplukes

19-JUN-11 15:54:42

crossing Theth / Jezerce / Gusanje / Nikc

01-JUN-12 16:59:32

Guesthouse Mirash & Lena Kometa

10-JUN-12 12:15:18

Guesthouse Roza Rupa


Jezerces (2694m)

02-JUN-12 13:09:23

Lagojvet (2466m)

2390 m height

Liqeni i Jezerces (lakes)

1810 m height

Liqeni i Pejes (lake)


lower peak

02-JUN-12 13:46:14

Alis (2383m)

2230 m height

Bojs (2461m)

2110 m height

Kokervhake (2508m)


Malesores (2490m)

2370 m height

old military border point (during summer shepherds stay here)


old mill

10-JUN-12 18:32:38

Popluks (2569m)

2510 m height

Prozmit (2452m)

2350 m height

Qafa e Jezerces (pass)


Qafa e Pejes (pass)

23-OCT-10 18:08:54

Radohimes (2570m)

11-JUN-12 15:06:21


  • Photo of mayake

    mayake Dec 8, 2015

    fantastic trail trip, thanks for sharing, which month was it ?

  • Photo of - Discover Albania - Discover Albania Dec 8, 2015

    We enjoyed this one a lot! Pictures were actually taken on a longer trek from Vermosh to Valbona. Via Qafa Dobraces we reached Arapi and the Buni i Jezerces (camp), then scaled Jezerca summit on 2nd of June. A day ahead of us a German solo (climbing from Buni i Jezerces site) had left the first entry in the summit register.

    End May / early June

  • Photo of mayake

    mayake Dec 8, 2015

    this year I was there by the end of june during my PoB ending thru Korita , no snow at all.
    I really understand your enjoyment ;)

  • Галина Переверзєва Oct 26, 2020

    Hello. Beautiful photos. Can I ask a question? If I understood correctly your trip took few days, so I presume you cooked some food and boiled water with camping stove. Where you bought butan or butan-propan gas cartridges for camping stove and which type of gas cartridge it was: pierced-type, cang, screw-type or other type? Will be very grateful for answer.

  • Photo of - Discover Albania - Discover Albania Oct 30, 2020

    Pierce type are readily available everywhere, click-on can be found in certain stores only, other types are not sold in Albania, Kosovo or Montenegro as to my knowledge. in Skopje sell screw-trype canisters.

    CV206 pinch - YES
    CV270/300/470 easy-clic - YES, for example One Shop in Tirana
    Threaded canisters with vent EN417 (7/16" EU) - NO

  • Галина Переверзєва Oct 30, 2020

    Thank you very much for answer.

  • Photo of mansur

    mansur Mar 29, 2021

    Hello at the beginning of June I will be with my girlfriend doing the Peks of the Balkans trek, and we intend to camp in the last lake and the next day to go up to Maja Jezerce. Questions: Is the last lake a good place to camp? is the route easy to follow? We want to do it on our own, we have two gps and seeing this we are also going to take crampons just in case? do you have to go through a lot of snow? it's very dangerous? any technical help is appreciated, greetings

  • Photo of - Discover Albania - Discover Albania Mar 29, 2021

    1) For a single tent you can find suitable places everywhere, we kept on plateau above the look that was snow free. Keep in mind that the only flowing fresh water source is down in Zastan on the Montenegrin side of the border.

    2) The route from Theth to the Jezerca Lakes is marked and easy to follow, it can also be completed by horses. The ascent to the peaks is more demanding and requires scrambling.

    3) Crampons are a plus when there's snow, by early June there's usually only very little left and you won't face technical difficulties other than the scrambling sections.

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