Time  11 hours 44 minutes

Coordinates 2648

Uploaded June 8, 2014

Recorded June 2014

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3,336 f
768 f
18.59 mi

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near Kašina, Grad Zagreb (Hrvatska)

We left one car at Mountain home Vugrovec, from there we go on with other car to Sljeme where we left other car and start to hiking toward "Činovnička livada" and toward "500 Horvatovih stuba" over "Hunjka". From "Mala Hunjka" we go on hiking to Mountain home "Puntijarka" and further on toward mountain home "Runolist" and than again we're back at starting point on Sljeme. With car that we left there we drove to "Hunjka" and from there again start to hiking towards "Gorščica" and after towards mountain home "Lipa" where is pyramid on peak just by mountain home. After short pause for dinner we go on downhill towards the point where we left our first car at mountain home "Vugrovec".

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