Time  5 hours 35 minutes

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Uploaded August 2, 2015

Recorded July 2015

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3,522 f
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near Lysebotn, Rogaland (Norge)

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Recorded with Garmin Etrex 30.
Video Made in Norway

Circular route to the famous rock formation, leaving early in the morning will avoid crowds most of the track.

The route starts from a parking that is before the paid parking. The incorporation to the official route is simple and saves 12 euros.

I recommend doing this route at the very first hour of the morning. We started walking at 6:30 in the morning and the climb made it practically alone. The good thing about doing the route in a circular way is that the return to the valley, in addition to being very beautiful, is not very popular and allows you to do it without people. Once the road returns to join the popular is incredible number of people with whom you are, it seems a pilgrimage, fortunately is little the shared path and we all find them against the current.

The route lacks difficulty as long as common sense reigns. The stone is usually slippery and the cliffs are brutal. We did it in July and there was enough snow, however it is easy to follow the signs. When making the return through the valley, GPS is recommended since the signs were not always clear.

La roca


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  • Photo of Estemy

    Estemy Jan 26, 2017

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    The circular track is not only longer but extremely difficult to follow when the conditions are wet. The climb down the hill (after seeing the pulpit rock) is slippery and often scary as hell :D There were 3 occasions I thought I was literally going to die and fall down the mountain (and once you start going there is no going back as that is even harder than going down). In the linear route that 99% of the people follow you often have help from chains when going gets tough, this is not the case here. On the plus side, you'll be going off the beaten track, it will be quiet (since the masses wont be doing this) and once the climb is over the rest is just beautiful countryside with lakes, sheep and nature. I wouldn't do this again unless the weather was dry. It added about 2h to our journey as well since the climb in the beginning is very slow.

  • Photo of jetel

    jetel Jul 19, 2019

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    Fantastische wandeling. Op de Krjeragsteen staan was adembenemend.

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