7.27 mi

Elevation gain

997 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,716 ft

Max elevation

4,251 ft


66 5

Min elevation

3,368 ft

Trail type

One Way


5 hours 24 minutes




May 5, 2019


May 2019
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4,251 ft
3,368 ft
7.27 mi

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near Râchaïya el Ouadi, Béqaa (Lebanon)

Rashayya Al Wadi is the most attractive little town seated on the western slopes of Mount Hermon. It lies in the South Beqaa, 85 km from Beirut. Rachaya El Wadi is a town of Heritage and history. Ain Hersha is another little village hosting an old Romanian Temple, built on the Edge of mount Hermon (Jabal Al Shaykh 2848 meters).
The hike started from Rashayya town square and moved south towards the village of Ain Hersha. The trail covered awesome landscape especially now that is covered with a green carpet adorned with a collage of spring flowers of all colors. On our left side you will see mount Hermon with whatever little snow capping it and on our right side there lies a chain of sleep west Bekaa towns with their red roof brick tiles. The trail was mainly on cow paths and dirt roads except for a small section of pavement (see way points); there is also a 200 meters moderate slope uphill climb to reach a plateau overlooking the towns of Kfarmishki, Libbaya, and Majdel Balhees. After this the trail started a downhill to reach the ruins of the Ain Hersha Roman temple and on to the town where the bus was waiting for us.
All in all, it was an easy hike under a great spring weather conditions. I recommend it.

Rashayya Townsquare


Mount Hermon View

Mount Hermon is a tri-meeting point between Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. it is a beautiful view and I envy those who have the chance to wake up to this view every morning.



Turn Left


Turn Right


View of Tannoura Village

Tannoura (Skirt in English) village lies above the towns of Bakkeefa (home of joy) and Bayt Lahya (House of entertainment).

Asphalt Section Ends

there asphalt section of the trail starts at the turn right intersection (see previous waypoint) and ends here

Silent Walk

as per directions of the guide, all hikers had to walk in silent for 10 minutes starting at this location.

View of Libbaya ans Kfarmishki Towns


Ain Hersha Roman Temple Ruins


  • Photo of radwan.bachir

    radwan.bachir May 20, 2019

    Hello Zahi, hope you're doing well. Do you think there's a possibility of a potential loop starting from the end of asphalt section passing by Beit Lahya and towards the ruins?

  • Photo of zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan May 21, 2019

    Hi Radwan,
    I am not an expert on the area; but if there is a will, there is a way. I do recommend you contact Nizar Mhanna. send me an email to and will send you his mobile.

  • Photo of radwan.bachir

    radwan.bachir Apr 26, 2020

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Amazing place thanks for sharing

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