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near Jiang’an Qu, Hubei (China)

Not a GPS recording. Drawn manually on a satellite map. I walked this on 2018-03-18. This is part of a walk from Wuhan(A) to Kaifeng(Y) and the Yellow River(Z). Search Wikiloc for "18Xina" and "19Xina" (etc.?) for my China walks.

Overview "18Xina 4-week walk Yangtze to Yellow 武汉开封", Wikiloc ID = 39405196
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I took photos with my mobile phone, but due to technical weakness of that old device, I couldn't use GPS on my 2018 walk.
Info from photo time stamps (and my personal memory of locations):
07h45(0km) inside Hotel; 08h05 outside; 08h20(2.3km) stairs onto Yangtse road bridge; pedestrian walk on bridge, no problems; 08h50(4.3km) stairs down from bridge; through riverside park; 09h15 golden bull; 09h30 short leave from riverside for a closer look on highest Skyscrapers, under construction; back to river; 10h10 Yin-Yang on riverside park; 10h30 down to river just to touch the water, then back; 10:40 Linjiang Avenue roadsign (that long road contines 16476m N and 2435m S); 11h00(11.0km) riverside closest to rail&road bridge; 11h10 food&tourist street; 12h00-12h40(12-13km) Yellow Crane Tower; 13h00 on rail&road bridge; 13h10 crossed the river, see old city gate from bridge; 13h20(15.3km) radio tower from below; 13h50 near big old city gate; 14h00 under Hankou bridge (billards/pool tables); 14h10(18.4km) on Hankou bridge; don't remember where I walked down; 14h25 1998 flood memoviral; 14h30 altar at river confluence (reminds me of prayags, e.g. Rudraprayag, on my walk from Indus to Ganges 2009); 14h50 main pedestrian shopping street; 15h15(21.6km) department Store; from here on I don't remember where I walked exactly - find your own way through the city -. 16h15(23.2km) Christian church in orthodox style, I found it by surprise as I was searching for a Xinhua bookstore in that street which wan't there; 17h15 looking for an other Xinhua bookstore that wasn't there, I was looking for maps (on paper); 18:35 (beginning of night) "haxenbauer" restaurant at "Summer House" (just took a photo, found that curious because I am German); hotel(28.4km)


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