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near Conceição, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

This is a route designed to wine lovers, which includes the best renowned Brazilian wineries. If you are some of them, just prepare yourself for this amazing experience and cheers!!

Peculiare Winery

The first winery from this route has wall creepers, so it's a small and familiar winery that produces representative wines. This winery produces Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ancelotta, and Chardonnay wines, apart Sparkling wines by Traditional and Asti methods. For who doesn't drink alcohol or even children, they have white and red grape juice as well.

Del Valle Osteria

Contemporary cuisine in a very pleasant service and atmosphere.It is a species if assemblage between Italian elements, contemporaries, and even French. Paired menu, featured for Lamb Risotto and the Oxtail Sorrentino with a delicious red wine sauce. Thus, the pastas are handmade in the house.
Mountain hut

Borghetto Sant' Anna Hostel

A refuge amid nature and piece. Perfect place with an exuberant vineyards view. The accommodations have stone architecture with fireplaces specially for makes it cozy during winter time. Its antique furniture transmits all the refinements of this incredible place.
Religious site

Nossa Senhora das Neves Capel

The history of this Capel is fully related with wine. So, at the beginning of the last century when its construction began, there was a drought in this region and the available water was so far from there. Then came the idea of kneading the clay with wine, since the harvest was near and the remaining wine would be replaced by the "new wine". Finally, the wine was added to the wheat straw, forming the alloy used to join the bricks.At that time cement was not used, but crushed clay.

Marco Luigi Winery

Marco Luigi who inherited the love and knowledge for wine from his grandfather registered the winery in 1946. A family business that is each to seek improvement without losing a true identity. Victor, son of Marco Luigi, takes care personally of the cultivation of the grapes, from planting until harvest. The wines and sparkling wines elaboration are made by the winemaker Leonardo, Victor' son. The winery has the most modern technology, which contributes to the excellence of its wines and sparkling wines, as well as being ecologically correct. Making use of rainwater and using the grapes stalks as organic fertilizer in their own vineyards. Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional and Marselan are some of the varieties that their wines.
Thermal waters

Terragnolo Hotel&Winery

A family company with limited production that has as main goal the elaboration of differentiated wines, juices and jams allowing pleasure and satisfaction to its connoisseurs. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Marselan, Merlot D.O., are some of their wines besides grape juices, sparkling wines and jams. In addiction, Terragnolo Hotel includes a Spa and very cozy and romantic accommodations.

Casa Madeira Restaurant

The main proposal of this restaurant is an historical rescue of the original cuisine of the Italian immigrants in Vale dos Vinhedos. The aim is to give everyone the real excitement of being in the early twentieth century. Under the guidance of the region's history, the menu seeks to translate culinary from the period of 1876 to 1920.

Dom Cândido Winery

Dom Candido Winery was created by Cândido Valduga, who during his childhood accompanied his father in the readings of the field. As an adult, he began to grow grapes that supplied wineries in the region, until he founded his business and produced his own wines. Since its foundation, the company has expanded its vineyards and today is responsible for 100% of the grapes cultivation used in the elaboration of its beverages. Dom Cândido currently has 12 hectares in Vale dos Vinhedos, in addition to 50 hectares in the neighboring municipality of Veranópolis. Some of their grape varieties are Marselan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tannat, Moscato Branco, Riesling, Pinot noir, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Isabel, Bordô and Concord.

Casa Valduga Winery

In an inspiring atmosphere, Casa Valduga welcomes visitors with a fascinating landscape, framed by the centuries-old vineyards of one of the most awarded wineries in Brazil. In addition to an itinerary full of natural charms and visitation in the shadow of underground cellars, you find a fascinating gastronomic experience through the Maria Valduga restaurant that offers typical dishes harmonized with the most emblematic wines of Brazil. Casa Valduga has the best Sparkling Brazilian wines.

Larentis Winery

The 18 hectares of Larentis vineyards are located in a privileged lot of the valley. Their wines are elaborated in stainless steel tanks and American oak barrels. Larentis has qualified professionals, totally managed by the family that elaborate a limited quantity of great quality wines with accessible prices.

Casa de Madeira Delicatessen

A delicatessen focused on the highest gastronomy and the most demanding palates in the world. Its portfolio, originally comprised only of grape juice,but today has expanded and segmented to the high gastronomic environment with elaborate balsamic creams, and jellies elaborated in an artisan way, so no losing its origins.

Giordani Cultural Gastronomy

A journey back in time to revive the customs of ancient Italian immigrants. In a charming wooden house, a family atmosphere full of stories and relics. With the aroma of food being prepared, following the legitimate recipe of the "nona". A menu of delights prepared by the family.
Thermal waters

Spa do Vinho Hotel

Located in Bento Goncalves, Hotel & Spa do Vinho is in a rural location, minutes from Miolo Winery, and close to Casa Valduga Winery. This 4.5-star hotel is within close proximity of Almaunica Winery and Vallontano Vinhos Nobres. You can relax at the full-service spa, enjoying massages, body and facial treatments. The Hotel also includes outdoor tennis courts, a 24-hour health club, and an outdoor pool. Additional amenities at this Tuscan-style hotel include complimentary wireless Internet access, concierge services, and an arcade/game room.

Miolo Winery

Miolo group produce 12 million liters of fine wines and have the largest area of vineyards in Brazil, with 1,150 ha and all grapes driven by the vertical system. In a short time, Miolo grew and was consolidated in the Brazilian market. Although the family worked in viticulture since 1897, the commercial wine production started only in 1990. In 20 years, the company has become a leader in the domestic wine market. In 2006, Miolo was renamed Miolo Wine Group, which today brings together a line of more than 100 products made from national and international partnerships.

Pizzato Winery

Pizzato has 26 grape hectares in Vale dos Vinhedos, and 16 hectares in Dr. Fausto de Castro, a region 50 Km far from Vale dos Vinhedos.The winery offers traditional, harmonious tastings and the possibility of vertical tastings also, where the customer can taste the same wine from different vintages. They have some of the best red wines from this region. They have Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Egiodola, Alicante Bouschet wines.

Mamma Gema Restaurant

They seek in each recipe to recreate the flavors of the "mammas" recipes of the 'mammas', but with a personal touch given by the Pessali (restaurant's onwer). They try to transmits Mamma's kitchen feelings, with full tables, everybody talking at the same time, savoring delicious foods...

Angheben Cellar

Angheben Fine Wine Cellar, was born with the philosophy of producing only limited and high quality wines. The handmade care used on the winemaking process, guaranteeing great satisfaction and well being to the most demanding palates. Angheben relies on the experience of the winemaker Idalencio Francisco Angheben, who has passed through some of the most renowned national wineries, and has taught for more than thirty years Viticulture at the Federal Center of Technological Education in Bento Gonçalves - RS.

Almaúnica Winery

As the name says, Almaúnica is unique. It is a well-matched mixture of traditional wine values and cultures of a secular family, but with the modernity of a winery that was born to be forever young. Even it does on your building, with contemporary boutique characteristics of wines, even on its products, with aromas and flavors always balanced and full of liveliness, the Almaúnica is an unique experience.
Information point

Tourist information

CAT - Pipe Porch Travessa Carazinho, s / n - Alta City (next to the Pipa Portico, at the entrance of the city) (54) 3453-2555 / 0800 603 6060 Attendance: Monday to Friday: 8am to 5:30 p.m. - no closing at noon Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 9am to 5pm - no closing at noon GPS coordinates: 29 ° 10'29.3 "S 51 ° 31'21.1" W Google coordinates: -29.174800, -51.522524
Train stop

Maria Fumaça


Epopéia Italiana Tematic Park

Embark on a trip with Lázaro and Rosa immigrants at the Italian Epic Theme Park. With 2000m² of covered area and nine scenarios built exclusively for the show, Epopeia is located next to the Maria Fumaça station in the city of Bento Gonçalves, with easy access and ample parking space. Living the Epic Italian is a unique experience in the Serra Gaúcha, it is a show full of history, culture and excitement.

Aurora Cooperative Winery

Aurora Cooperative Winery is the largest in Brazil, so more than 1,100 families make up the cooperative. The production is guided by technicians who are daily contacting producers, providing whole required assistance. For many years, Aurora has created a department where it started supplying seedlings to its members. Today, when a producer expresses interest in implanting a new variety, it is the technicians of Aurora who will decide on the type of vine more suitable for the place.Through soil analysis, the survey of the predominance of the winds, and other factors, it is decided which variety is most adequate and able to obtain the best productivity and quality.


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    caminho bem fácil, inclusive para veiculos 4x2 e baixos

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