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near Haltom City, Texas (United States)

This track starts and stops at trailhead 15 (Gateway Park). Its mid point is trailhead 16 in (Cobb Park). Trinity Trails are normally paved and well maintained but the point where the trail leads south, away from the Trinity River, AFTER Gateway, you will be in for a surprise. The paved trail stops and one must navigate thru broken sidewalks, glass and hypodermic needles, all while making your way thru the “projects”. I’m referring to the Pine St and E. Vickery area. I’m surprised Fort Worth actually considers this a bike trail at all but since it’s on the Trinity Trails map, I had to try it out. After I made it thru that lovely part of town, I arrived at Cobb Park, which to say the least, is safe between the hours of eight am and two pm. I’m a six foot, two hundred and ten pound man that’s not afraid of much but I don’t like to be barked by trashy people for riding down their streets that are supposed to be bike riding trails or asked for money by three to four guys at every stop light. If you ride this trail, drive to Gateway and/or Cobb Park but don’t ride in between.


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