Technical difficulty   Moderate

Time  6 hours 42 minutes

Coordinates 867

Uploaded January 14, 2008

Recorded April 2006

2,986 f
464 f
9.08 mi

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near Kolbeinsstaðir, Snafellsnes- og Hnappadalssysla (Ísland)

Located between the Hnappadalur and Hítardalur valleys, Geirhnjúkur no doubt offers views of broad swathes of landscape - when I was there, however, the visibility was only abot 20 yards! I guess I'll have to go back :-)
Some of the kinks in our tracks stem from needing to avoid snow-filled gullies - the avalanche danger seemed rather high. We also had trouble finding a safe route down the slope on the return, hence the 90° turn ...

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