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Time  4 hours 19 minutes

Coordinates 1166

Uploaded January 20, 2010

Recorded January 2010

112 f
-58 f
5.88 mi

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near Southmere, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you through the roads that wind through the northern section of the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area. Some of the roads are pretty much overgrown, so finding them can take some looking. I’ve also included some of my wandering off the main roads. At one spot you will encounter some pilings that were the base of an old clubhouse. Most remnants of the clubhouse are gone – between nature, fires and I’ll assume some looting. There also was a dock on Lake Ellis that you can also see remnants of. We entered from the second gate down Hatbill Road, parking on the grass next to the road. Also if you are lucky you will see a bald eagle family around their nest. You also most likely will come across some traps designed to capture hogs that are chewing up the area.
One note about the old clubhouse, it seems that information about is sketchy. If anyone has any information or pictures of it, please email me and tell me about it.
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