Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  4 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1038

Uploaded November 26, 2009

Recorded November 2009

123 f
-55 f
6.65 mi

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near Wedgefield, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you out from the parking area along the white trail and then down along the Econlockhatchee River and then back on the white trail to loop back to parking area. I stopped a small stream for a look and a break. I was hiking and GEOCaching, so if your into that, look them up. The day I did it the river wasn't that high, that area of the hike was without a doubt the prettiest. You do pass all the primitive campsites located in Hal Scott. Please take noting but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. I did come across an area where it looked like an old homestead once existed.
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