Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  6 hours 12 minutes

Coordinates 1090

Uploaded March 1, 2014

Recorded March 2011

125 f
-1 f
7.47 mi

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near Holopaw, Florida (United States)

This section of the Triple-N Ranch is accessed from a gate on Crabgrass Road. You must park at an area on the left side of the road. The area is also used as an entrance to Bull Creek WMA. After parking, walk down Crabgrass Road to the entrance to Triple-N Ranch, there is a dirt road with a gate. You may have to climb over the gate. This is what I consider the middle section of the huge Triple-N Ranch WMA. You will be below the section which has the Crabgrass Creek running through it. I just wandered around, looking for interesting things. When I did this hike in 2011 I did find some interesting historical items – an old car, drums, fences, orange trees and other items left by the early homesteaders of the area. The state of Florida has elected to just let this segment of our history go away, which is a royal shame! You can bike it because the area is crisscrossed with dirt roads (again, from the early homesteaders). Because it is near the water, you might come across just about any historical item. I would suggest that you avoid it during hunting season. Visit my website for more information. Happy trails to all!


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