Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  2 hours 56 minutes

Coordinates 360

Uploaded January 9, 2014

Recorded January 2014

56 f
-34 f
2.06 mi

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near Malabar, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you through the east side of this 395 acres EEL controlled sanctuary. It is a very popular area, hikers, bikers and horses. There also are a few GEOCaches within its boundaries. Many of the trails are blazed, but you can always find trails which are just interesting. There is a old cement road which divides the east from the west side. There also is a paved trail within the sanctuary. I like a GPS when doing any wandering. I didn't see any wildlife, but they say that things do live there. There area few bridges which protect you from any water which might be found during a very wet season. You can get more information by searching the Internet. You also can get more information at my website - - happy trails, Tom


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