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near Glenroe, County Clare (Ireland)

On this loop around Mullaghmore (Burren National Park) you'll encounter nearly everything what the Burren limestone landscape has to offer: megalithic tombs, ring forts, endless stone walls, hidden green valleys, flowers among bare rock, wild goats, viewpoints, hills & lakes. The route is mostly on small paved roads except for 4kms on a "Green Road", an old cattle track. There are still cattle around, so from autumn to spring this part can be a bit muddy. This track is also a great day hike (around 20kms, allow 6-8 hrs) if you take the "Famine Road" and follow the red markers across Mullaghmore Mountain ('Mullaghmore Traverse'). More info on http://www.mullaghmore-burren.com. For accommodation look up http://www.clareireland.net


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