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Time  8 hours one minute

Coordinates 1115

Uploaded July 17, 2009

Recorded July 2009

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20.21 nm

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near Buda, Florida (United States)

This trip will take you from Snowhill Rd down the Econ (Econlockhatchee) River from a small landing under the Snowhill Road bridge down the river to the boat landing on the St Johns River at RT46. It a little over 12 miles. Most of the property along the river is posted, so don't expect to go into any woods. There are many places where you can stop and take a break without any problems. The day we did it the river was just about 100% clear of obstacles and the current was moving along pretty good. This will also make an excellent canoe trip. We saw a large variety of wildlife along the way - many bald eagles etc. There is a rest site provided near the end of the trip which is maintained by SJRWMD - it is called "Cul Pepper Bend Shelter". The water level was very decent the day we went, lower water levels I'm sure will make it more challenging. Please - take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints!
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