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near Demirkazık, Niğde (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

This is a 5-day hike in the Taurus Mountains. And it was a beautiful trek.
The trek starts at Demirkazık. We got there by bus from Niğde (bus Niğde / Çamardı).
We leave our excess luggage at the hostel at the bottom of Demirkazık. The staff seems odd at first and then we sympathize with them and we spend an evening drinking and playing cards. Fondly.
Day One: Ascent only. Not very funny. But the finish is superb, we arrive at a lake where you can bathe and wash.
Day Two: Most beautiful day, we move into the wonderful area of seven lakes.
Day Three: Ascent to Emler Mount. Fantastic view. Rapid ascent to yhe summit by a poorly marked path. Fortunately, we are not alone.
Day Four: Descent into a narrow and beautiful valley. We reach our best campsite: Eznevit. A friendly shepherd offers us a breakfast with omelet, sausage and cheese.
Day Five: Down in the valley. Beautiful path through the trees and then in a fairly dry gorge. We finish on the road where we hitch-hike to reach Demirkazık. Offered shower at the hostel where we left our luggage. Back to Niğde


  • Photo of Kenan Hazar

    Kenan Hazar Feb 14, 2012


  • badaro.family Jan 6, 2013

    hi im planning a similar trip 8 to 12 persons this summer can you help with info on how to organise (lodgings,how to get there from mersin , cost,other places of attraction in area)

  • badaro.family Jan 6, 2013

    i am planning for similar trip this summer 8 to 12 people (cost ,lodging ,are there any other attractions in the area ,how to get from mersin to hiking treck ,how to plan, transportation)

  • Photo of dantelk

    dantelk Jun 28, 2017

    What a great record! Thank you for sharing, this kind of good tracks makes the mountains accessible for everyone.

  • Photo of ilkererdogan

    ilkererdogan Aug 19, 2017

    Bu rotayı kullanıcam teşekkür ederim

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