Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  7 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 1249

Uploaded January 16, 2012

Recorded January 2012

52 f
-52 f
9.52 mi

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near Buda, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you into the Kilbee Tract of the Little Big Econ WMA. Parking is provided at a very nice area off RT46. I suggest that if you want to visit this area just for hiking, birding and/or wildlife viewing that you do it on a day when hunting is not going on (see WMA website). There are many numbered roads which cut through the area, as well as old farm roads and cattle trails. I must admit, it is a little confusing regarding access to this tract of land. If you search the net you will find references to parking, birding and access. When you get there you will find entrance a little confusing. While doing my wandering I did see a variety of wildlife, as well as much cattle watching me from the woods and palmettos. As always, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints! You can get more information at my website


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