Technical difficulty   Difficult

Time  one hour 20 minutes

Coordinates 26

Uploaded December 20, 2011

Recorded December 2011

6,800 f
6,174 f
1.75 mi

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near Viguera, Oaxaca (Mexico)

Trail HFR (High Flyer Ridge) is a shady, singletrack trail that climbs the ridge starting out from LNR (road) and getting more technical and steep as it climbs. Cutoffs for the Trails LLL (Larry's Lacerated Leg), M (Mechero (Burner)) and Ma (Martillada (Hammerblow) and T (Tostadora (Toaster)) (all downhills) are on this trail.

From the west end the trail starts with a climb to gain the ridge but then loses elevation as it runs on the ridge top to the northeast. Around the first kilometer the trail starts the climb that averages around 12% for the next 1.75km to its junction with Trails BK (Burro Kong (Donkey Kong)) and Ma (Martillada (Hammerblow). Beyond that the trail continues up the ridge but the tread gets rougher and sections of steeper grades become more frequent.

Note that this track shows the west entrance on the south side of the ridge, basically at the junction of Trail HFR, Trail MMD (Maguey Mi Dia (Maguey My Day)) and Road LNR (Libramiento Norte Road). Find that junction and scramble up the erosion-gutted rut to your left just as you start down Trail MMD having left Road LNR. Turn left (north) and follow the obvious singletrack trail up. When you are east of the high-voltage electrical tower, go about 50m north but at each social path intersection, follow the best path that leads you to the ridge top headed northwest. As you turn and begin NW, watch of for mistaken turns (e.g. north approach from Road LNR up to HFR on your left, Trail VV on your left, Trail LLL on your right). Trail rolls up and down for

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