Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  7 hours 6 minutes

Coordinates 1290

Uploaded November 12, 2011

Recorded November 2011

103 f
-58 f
8.02 mi

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near Chuluota, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you into the Little Big Econ WMA, south of the Little Big Econ River. You will start on on a road, then venture off into the trees to the river. The scenic cattle trail along the river will provide you with some great views. The day we went we did see some wildlife, but mainly some of the cattle which roam the area, don't worry about them! The Boonie Man took me on this hike, so my thanks to him. The day we did the hike we ran into some pretty wet spots - the wet season. If you hike this area in the dry season you can venture all the way to the St Johns River. You always have to be concerned about hunting in this WMA. Check my website for more information about hunting activity - or I suggest you always wear bright colors when in any WMA. Please take nothing but pictures, leaving noting but footprints.


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