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near Kroústas, Crete (Greece)

Sunday 8/1/ 17 and the meteorological system of Ariadni give and to our area the expected snowfalls. The apointment with hiking club of Ag. Nikolaos canceled and 4 of us ,Mr Yorgos Mr Ray Tassos and i we are stay like orphans at cold morning(5c) at meeting point.
So we decide to do the trail alone.All in one car and straight to Kroustas.
On the way we met 10 points snow before village and we start our trail. We cross Kroustas to mountains by the road. From 10 points snow ,slowly slowly to 15 and up toTourkisses, 810m. altitude, aproxx 30 points.
Magic times from purity of the white.We walking almost 12 km without to understand how we do it.
All trail is on the road from Kroustas to Ori of Kroustas until Tourkisses.
Excellent lunch at Matrakas kafeneion before the end.


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