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Time  7 hours 3 minutes

Coordinates 322

Uploaded March 6, 2011

Recorded March 2011

106 f
23 f
2.53 mi

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near Holopaw, Florida (United States)

The trail is called the “Crabgrass Creek Loop” trail as it dips down into the Crabgrass Creek Area for a short distance. It is currently about 2.5 miles in length. In reality you follow the yellow blazes out to Crabgrass Creek, do a short loop down there and then head back on the same blazed trail you came in on. The beginning of the trail is shared with the white and orange blazed trails. The white trail spits off and then you follow the yellow and orange blazes into the Crabgrass Creek corridor. This section is very pretty, but can be wet and full of mosquitoes, so be prepared for that. The first section of the trail can be pretty sunny, so I put on my sunscreen – this section required me to use my deet to keep the bloodsuckers at bay. When you visit the area will dictate what you need. When hiking the Crabgrass Creek corridor, what for the blazes as some maybe faded or blocked with new growth. If you don’t see the next blaze, backup and find it. You will exit the corridor for a short hike through a nice trail in some palmettos. You will come to a road; the yellow trail will go straight and then back to the yellow trail to return to the parking area. The orange trail will turn to the left and continue for a long way. I did see some river otters frolicking in the creek the day I was there. Make sure you follow the yellow trail out of the area. The trail consists of road walking, open trail through palmettos and a visit to a Florida creek corridor. If you should visit the area after a hog hunt, you will also pass through an area where it seems the FWC has allocated as the cleanup area for killed hogs – the smell and skeletons of dead hogs is not very pleasing. Depending on when you visit the area you should encounter some wildlife, especially down near the creek. I have seen deer, hogs, turkeys, hawks, songbirds and river otters in that area. There are cattle in the area, if you should encounter one, don’t worry, they don’t like you and will run. Also, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always check the hunting schedule before going to this area as it is a "WMA". Check my website for hunting schedules, downloading tracks and more pictures - - happy trails to all!


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