Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  4 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 1203

Uploaded December 20, 2010

Recorded December 2010

267 f
19 f
8.32 mi

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near Christmas, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you through this 1126 acre park. I must first say that many of the "trails" are old roads which can be very sandy and can be a challenge to hike. You can venture off the trails to bypass some of the sandy roads. The area consists of a number of ecosystems, from scrubs to grassy pastures to beautiful oak hammocks. The southern section seems to be an old farm and much nicer to hike and explore. If you look around you should be able to find remnants of the old farm. The main parking area is located off West Christmas Road. There are plans to create an access from RT50, but the day I was there it was marked "no trespassing". I hiked just about every trail, doing a little exploring. As with many areas these days, I picked up a plastic bag worth of trash. Always consider being a trash picker upper! Please - take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. You can read more about hiking at my blog Dogs and biking are not allowed in this preserve, but if you have a horse it is welcome.
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