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Recorded January 2016

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near Santa Krus (Curacao)

In the rolling, undeveloped hills to the west of St. Martha's Bay, a long hike leads through the woods to a few coves, including Boka Pos Spanjo and Boka Hulu. This same trail passes by both the Blue Room and Santu Pretu, but unless you're prepared for a very long day, you'll have to pick and choose which beautiful, isolated beaches you stop at.

From the black sand beach of Santu Pretu, the trail continues inland. This is a wild region of Curaçao, and you likely won't encounter another soul. At the top of the biggest hill, you'll find the ruins of the old Bos Spanjo Plantation. This place must have been abandoned for more than a hundred years, because almost nothing remains apart from the foundation.

From here, it's an easy, downhill walk to Boka Pos Spanjo. The beach is full of coral, and the water usually too rough to allow swimming, the view across Santa Martha Bay is nice.

The trail now continues on to Boka Hulu. After climbing down a set of stone steps to the bay, the scene is simply gorgeous. It's a rocky beach, but quiet and with clear blue water. The trail continues back north, past the jump-off point for the Blue Room and returning to Santu Pretu.


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