Technical difficulty   Moderate

Time  6 days 10 hours 21 minutes

Coordinates 21215

Uploaded January 24, 2016

Recorded January 2014

6,530 f
101 f
74.63 mi

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near Laguna Amarga, Magallanes (Chile)

The classical W circuit with three nameless but very panoramic summits:
1) one above Campamento Japonés;
2) one above Mirador Torres;
3) one above Mirador Británico, in the Valle del Francés.
Their ascent is technically illegal, since a climbing permit would be needed to abandon the classical trekking routes.
Here the schedule of my tour, performed in January 2014:
12-01: I leave the bicycle at Amarga, walking to Japonés through Chileno;
13-01: the day is dedicated to a loop with the ascent of the first summit, with a subsequent tour inside Valle del Silencio, perhaps the most suggestive site of the Paine;
14-01: I walk from Japonés to Mirador Torres. Not seen by anybody (due to the bad weather conditions) I proceed higher up to a shelter in front of the Torres;
15-01: I ascend a little granite summit above, I think that this is the most that one can do here without any ice or rock gear. Next, I descend to Hotel Torres;
16-01: the transfer to Campamento Italiano takes me the whole day, due to the huge amount of photos that one has to shoot here: mountains, lakes and flowers;
17-01: the day is dedicated to the classical loop inside Valle del Francés, complemented by the ascent from Mirador Británico to the third summit, which is nothing but a fore-summit of the rocky spire called Espada;
18-01: final walk from Italiano to Grey.
I will not propose on Wikiloc the completion on the O circuit from Gray back to Amarga, since I was short of batteries and I could turn on the GPS only occasionally.
On the other hand, I will propose in a separate track the cycling track from and to Puerto Natales, with a visit to Laguna Azul.

WORK IN PROGRESS. both for photos and description.

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