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near Blankenheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

A rewarding tour, mostly along easy but very scenic forest paths, with some mountain trails typical for the German uplands. There are a few steep ascents, and generally much elevation gain and loss. The first part follows the long-distance Eifelsteig, the second follows the Ahr-River-Steig.

The source of the river Ahr is in Blankenheim, and much is made about it.

Blankenheim, the spring hidden in a house, and the fortress are worth a visit indeed. We recommend doing the hiking first and saving the Blankenheim sightseeing for later on, possibly connected with a coffee or meal in one of the many pubs.

The trail is very scenic in almost all of its parts. First ascent is to the Schillertsberg, immediately followed by the descent. Then steeply uphill to the idyllic shelter Am Brotpfad (at the bread path). Downhill again often along renatured streambeds into the Schaafbach Valley.

Cross the bridge over the river Ahr, which is only for pedestrians and cyclists. Pass the Birkenhof and ascend to the Ahrsteig. From here, the trail winds along the Ahr Mountains, keeping the altitude with little up and down. The trail can be narrow but is generally well maintained with bridges at strategic points. For a short while, we leave the Ahrsteig, which rejoins us later on.

Finally we return to Blankenheim, following the Ahr to its source, along idyllic meadows. Arrive at the Swanlake in Blankenheim, near where you started.

As a bonus, visit the house with the source of the Ahr, mainly worthwhile because of the picturesque half-timbered houses. Blankenheim has several restaurants and pubs.
The hike is similar to trail 22 of the Eifel Kompass Guidebook.

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