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Recorded September 2015

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near Nideggen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Excellent hike on both sides of the Rur valley between Nideggen, Bergstein, and Obermaubach. You will have great views from sandstone ledges across the valley, walk below sandstone pillars and beautiful woods, hike through the Rur valley, and climb the Krawutschketurm to get great views across the Eifel.
The hike starts at parking Danzley (free parking) at the edge of Nideggen. From here you go back to the L11 road, cross it into the woods and follow a path which takes you below Nideggen along a series of sandstone viewing platforms. The day I did this hike, the valley was shrouded in mist, and the views were initially bad, but gradually improved to first show the top of the hills just above the mist on both sides of the Rur to later show only mist on the valley floor and finally a view without mist (see the pictures). After Hirtzley you encounter 2 more viewing points before you get to Christinenley. On this side of the hill you have good views of Burg Nideggen as well. After Christinenley you go below the sandstone pillars of the Hindenburgtor and pass a few more viewing platforms. The path ends up at a broader track, turns northwest, and then you follow another path towards Rath (track 42). You pass here below the Kickley sandstone pillars. Alternatively, you could choose to keep to the right to get to more viewpoints on top of the sandstone rocks (see waypoint). The track descends slowly until you get to the Panoramaweg. You sharply turn right here to climb to the magnificent viewpoint at Eugenienstein. From here you walk to another viewing point with cabin at Kuhkopf, and then continue through the forest towards Engelsblick cabin and viewing point. Just before Engelsblick there is another viewing point of Obermaubach and Untermaubach on your left. You descend to the Panoramaweg, a broad dirt track that takes back south with occasional views of Obermaubach and its reservoir. You pass the Waldkapelle and shortly before you come back to the point where you climbed towards Eugenienstein before, you turn right and descend toward the Rur, partly on the edge of a corn field. In the valley, you cross the railway track and then follow a cycling path across a bridge and through fields in the the valley towards Gut Kallerbend, on the other side of another bridge, if you wish to have something to eat or drink. If not, you take a small path to the right of the bridge and climb this path and a few broader dirt tracks and (semi-)paved roads to the village of Bergstein. Here you circle the Burgberg and climb the Krawutschketurm where you have a great view all around across the Eifel. After completing the circle, you take a path towards a picnic area, and then continue on your way down towards Zerkall on the Rur. Initially you walk on broad tracks through the woods, then descend sharply on a small path, and then follow the edge of a small valley to Zerkall. You cross the village to the Rur bridge, cross the railway, and then start your ascent back to the starting point on the Wingertsweg, a broader track which takes you to a hairpin on the L11. Here you stay to the right of Hof Hubertusmühle, and follow smaller paths back to Danzley crossing the L11 twice more.
You can eat and drink something at Gut Kallerbend, which is conveniently located at about two-thirds of the route. Nearby the starting point you will also find opportunities in Nideggen.


  • Photo of Wowter

    Wowter Aug 22, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nice route with lots of views. We did the trail in 2 days and camped along the way a the viewpoint of Kuhkopf.

  • Photo of Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp Aug 23, 2016

    Thanks Wowter for your review! Glad you liked it.

  • Photo of Nisumi

    Nisumi Oct 18, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great trail, beutiful views :)

    We came by train, so our starting - finishing, point was "zerkall" station, still worked out great.

  • Photo of Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp Oct 18, 2016

    Glad you liked the trail and thanks for your comments! Good tip about the starting point if you travel by public transport!

  • Steph de rando May 22, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Excellent track, I did it this weekend. Thank you for the track


  • Photo of Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp May 23, 2017

    Great that you liked it, Steph! Thanks for the review.

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