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near Warrenville, Connecticut (United States)

The Friedman Forest consists of 143 acres of land which has one main loop trail called the "Friedman Trail". It is very well blazed and easy to get around. The trail is 1.6 miles in length. One section takes you to a beautiful pond view. There are couple of bridges along the trail to make crossing a brook and wet area easier. You start out in low country and then head up a slight hill to another ecosystem. There are some magnificent old trees along the trail. If you wish you can take the "Pinkham" purple blazed trail over to Colt Road (some maps call it Cowles Road) and back (it branches off the main trail). It is not a very good trail, some blazes are hard to spot (even harder for me because purple just doesn't stick out). As of my 2015 visit I would not recommend the purple trail to everyone! The Pickham trail does pass through private property, so stay on the trail. That trail is 1 mile round trip. There are a number of GEOCaches along the main trail, give them a look. There is more information out on the 'Net, if you so desire. This is one of the many great areas provided by joshuaslandtrust.org - my website is www.tomchoma.com Happy trails to all!


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