Oldboots has new boots. Well reasonably new! I'm no expert bushwalker but I really enjoy my walks. It's a great way for someone in their 60's to keep fit.

Member since May 2008

  • Clareville

    2.13 miles - Easy

    near Clareville, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Long track

    7.5 miles - Easy

    near Duffys Forest, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Bairne Track

    5.52 miles - Easy

    near Coasters Retreat, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Lockley 2

    4.82 miles - Moderate

    near Wentworth Falls, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Paddle 160619

    5.57 nautical miles - Moderate

    near Dillon, Ontàrio (Canada)

  • Squamish

    6.79 miles - Moderate

    near Darrell Bay, British Columbia (Canada)

  • Yabby Ponds

    0.97 miles - Easy

    near Elvina Bay, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Clareville to Palm Beach rtn

    13.24 miles - Moderate

    near Clareville, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Back on the bike. Avalon Palm Beach rtn

    13.2 miles - Moderate

    near Clareville, New South Wales (Australia)

  • Mona Vale - Clareville

    5.4 miles - Moderate

    near Mona Vale, New South Wales (Australia)