1.53 mi

Elevation gain

138 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

138 ft

Max elevation

187 ft



Min elevation

98 ft

Trail type



45 minutes




January 20, 2017


November 2016
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187 ft
98 ft
1.53 mi

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near Huichengmen, Beijing (China)

Yes Beijing may often have a high air quality index (AQI), but there are good days. If your there for whatever reason there are wonderful escape areas, where the effects of the tranquil light can be a joy for photographers.

This track only covers the west half of the large Yuyuantan Park. The entrance fee is only a few RMB. There is a cozy Tea House overlooking the large lotus ponds, where city residents do various unique Chinese forms of exercise and other artistic endeavors. The area at the north end of the arched bridge (lake crossing) is also a highlight of the Park.
Bus stop

Main entrance area, ticket booth

A small admission fee (a few RMB only).The weather and the air quality index (AQI) were good on the day. In October, 2016 the lake was partially frozen, but very pleasant with the sun shining down on the north shore. The south shore was shadier and cooler.

ponds of winter lotus

The lotus are dried out and in seed, the ponds are frozen over, however this winter scene is still very scenic and interesting. The lake shore path and a small peaked bridge attracts many photographers.

North end of bridge

There is a cozy tea house on the north shore of the lotus pond. Musicians, entertainers, and singers were seen practicing around this area.

Bridge crossing the lake

The bridge crossing offers open views of the city and expanse of lake during good weather conditions. The south shore path is colder than the north shore as it gets less sun. However, south of the shore path, away from the lake there are more sunny paths, and a concert area where events may be on.


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