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near Manjiatancun, Liaoning (China)

Yuan xiao jie (sweet rice ball day) is an important Chinese holiday Festival on the 15'th day of the of 1'st month of the Lunar Calendar (1st full moon day in the Chinese New Year). In 2019, the Year of the Pig, it fell on February 19 of the Western calendar, and coincided with a spectacular smoky-orange "Wolf" full moon event.

Golden Sands beach west of Dalian has a popular light display for this event, held in the Huaxia Culture Museum, a grand stone building in the European classic style. We arrived before dark and walked two circuits, one at dusk and the second in full darkness. There were plenty of outdoor street food stalls and the Museum building was open with some internal shops and a food court. As for most Chinese attractions, there was an admission fee.

Later there were fireworks at Golden Beach on the Yellow Sea. We left just as the late night rush began, before the fireworks, when it began to get crowded. Then there was a traffic jam for 10's of km from Dalian to the Event, also affecting bus routes, so light rail transit is the best way to return towards Dalian at that time (see waypoint at the station).
Its a five to ten minute walk from the light rail terminus station (or adjacent bus station) along a broad east-west avenue to the event. The route was closed to vehicle traffic. Event is at the Huaxia Culture Museum. The light Rail connects to Kaifaqu and Dalian City. Bus routes may be disrupted by traffic jams in late evening on event night. We arrived by bus but took the light rail back to Kaifaqu to avoid the peak crowds and returning traffic problems.
An illuminated gate is set up for the event. Ticket booth here.
The entrance leads directly into an impressive Plaza in front of the Museum Building. Some street food vendors here, lamb kabobs. Later the dragon parades start from this area. The interior of the Museum was open, with gift shops, a food court, and artist's studios.
An illuminated central fountain surrounded by European style sculptures. There is a lane of street food vendors under a lantern path.
A large courtyard with light displays featuring "Year of the Pig".
On eastern side of event
diverse food vendors, lots of illuminations
there were a couple of lantern paths, on the southwest and west sides of the event.
Returning on light rail is the best option as there are no traffic issues to contend with. We left early and the train wasn't crowded. The line continues west to Kaifaqu and the Dalian City Train Station.


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