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near Vila-real, Valencia (España)

This walk explores the central part of Villa-Real, passing a small Museum, the Basilica, the Central Square with its bar-cafes, the train station, and ordinary city streets.
From 3 floor. Large Olive Tree in center of traffic circle. Small cafe-bars with a few outdoor tables on SW side of circle, and a modern Mercado 100m to the north. Roof views over town.
The Museu de la Ciutat Casa de Polo is located near here. Its the house of a local historical person. Attached photos also show the rear of the Basilica de Sant Pasqual.
A small park beside the Basilica. Palm and cypress (?) trees, tiled benches, statues of famous local persons.
There is a small tourist office near the main Basilica entrance, the interior is accessible.
A large food market is occasionally setup along this plaza, at other times there is a clothing market.
A very old building
The central Square of Villa Real. Bar-cafes on the sunny north side.
From 9 AM to 12 for Almuerzo. Choose from 30 Bocadillo, with olives, peanuts, house wine, and option of a carajillo finish.
Direct trains to the City of Valencia from here. For Barcelona there is a transfer at Castillon.
Avenue going directly between the train station and the centre of town.
"Jaume I, Fundador de Villa-Real"
Only a small segment is preserved.


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