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near Vila-real, Valencia (España)

This walk explores the central part of Villa-Real, passing a small Museum, the Basilica, the Central Square with its bar-cafes, the train station, and ordinary city streets.


From 3 floor. Large Olive Tree in center of traffic circle. Small cafe-bars with a few outdoor tables on SW side of circle, and a modern Mercado 100m to the north. Roof views over town.

Museu de la Ciutat Casa de Polo.

The Museu de la Ciutat Casa de Polo is located near here. Its the house of a local historical person. Attached photos also show the rear of the Basilica de Sant Pasqual.

Placa Sant Pasqual

A small park beside the Basilica. Palm and cypress (?) trees, tiled benches, statues of famous local persons.
Religious site

Basilica de Sant Pasqual

There is a small tourist office near the main Basilica entrance, the interior is accessible.

Small Plaza lined by orange trees

A large food market is occasionally setup along this plaza, at other times there is a clothing market.
Religious site

Church near Placa Major

A very old building

Plaza de la Villa (Placa Major)

The central Square of Villa Real. Bar-cafes on the sunny north side.

Popular Almuerzo location

From 9 AM to 12 for Almuerzo. Choose from 30 Bocadillo, with olives, peanuts, house wine, and option of a carajillo finish.

Carrer Solades (aqueduct) and park

Train stop

Train Station

Direct trains to the City of Valencia from here. For Barcelona there is a transfer at Castillon.

Passeig de l'Estacio

Avenue going directly between the train station and the centre of town.

Carrer Solades (aquaduct)


Jaume I (statue)

"Jaume I, Fundador de Villa-Real"

Ancient City Walls

Only a small segment is preserved.


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