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near Ikenohata, Tokyo (Japan)

The park is free, however individual attractions such as the Tokyo City Museum, Peony Garden, the interior grounds of the Shrine, and possibly others, have tickets available at their individual locations. The Tokyo Zoo is in the park, with a panda bear from China.

There are options for foot access to the Park; including from the Chiyoda Line on the west, or from Ueno or nearby stations on subway lines to the east.


Peony Garden

There is a washroom inside the Peony Garden area, and the nearby Buddhist temple and its tower are visible. A very photogenic area. Several types of flowering trees and other unexpected surprises for the month of January.


Inside the Peony Garden compound, so need admission fee to access.

Ueno Toshogu Shrine, 1651

Historical Buddhist shrine and grounds, several Shogun are resting here. The interior ground have ticket access.

Small cafe, lunch stop.

A simple lunch place with a few indoor and outdoor tables, beer and soju are also available. The central walking boulevard through the park passes near this way-point, and there could be performers there.

Lotus ponds

An area with lotus ponds, shrine, and a rowing lake with rental boats available. On the approach to the shrine there are small hawker stalls with a variety of treats. Lunch could also be had there. The lotus ponds are still interesting in January, and must be spectacular when they are in bloom.

Shrine area

Not sure the denomination and significance, although it's accessible, and apparently very popular, as there is a winter line-up for entry. Seagulls and song birds very active in this area.

Boating lake

There are good views of Tokyo Tower and the low-rise buildings surrounding the south side of the lake. A broad walking path runs all the way around around the lake.

Baseball diamond

Baseball game on when we passed

Tulip pond

Located in front of the Tokyo City Museum and grounds, there might be a performer in the nearby square, and there is a busy Starbucks.

Tokyo Museum Entrance

Admission Fee.

Ueno Station Area

At the way-point there is a good entrance if going to the JB Line, and this entrance also accesses the subway. There are many other ways into Ueno subway station. There are also coffeehouses, restaurants, etc in this area, on street and inside station building. The attached photos are taken at the first subway stop to the north of Ueno station, which this Wikiloc track also passes.


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