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Uploaded April 9, 2017

Recorded April 2017

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near Nakameguro, Tokyo (Japan)

A walk through western districts of Tokyo:
--Meguro canal with blossoming cherries
--Shibuya shopping district
--Harajuku shopping district
--Meiji Jingu temple and park
--Shinjuku district (including views from the observation deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building)
  • Photo of Meguro canal
Meguro canal
  • Photo of Shibuya
  • Photo of Takeshita dori
Takeshita dori
  • Photo of Meiji Jingu
  • Photo of Meiji Jingu
Meiji Jingu
  • Photo of Tokyo Metropolitan Gvt
  • Photo of Tokyo Metropolitan Gvt
Tokyo Metropolitan Gvt


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