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near South Benfleet, England (United Kingdom)

T100 South Benfleet to Chalkwell
Benfleet moorings
Barge gladys
Thames estuary path into Hadleigh castle grounds
Crossing Cattle bridge into Olympic park
Hill climb past Hadleigh castle to Hadleigh tea rooms
Steep long hill climb !
Hadleigh tearooms stop for brunch
Estuary views from tea rooms dog friendly cafe
On to Hadleigh high street- crossing at st. James the less church roundabout
Onto poors lane- residential area
Entrance to great wood
Endangered species heath fritillary butterfly feeds of the cow wheat that grows in this area of coppiced woodland
Forest management
Woodland management
Crossing the Prittlewell brook
Into Belfairs park wood
Crossing the sculpture trail
Keep your eye out for hidden sculptures
Lots of interpretation boards
Prittle brook carves through the woodland
Tree information and golf beyond!
Belfairs woodland centre
Edge of Belfairs park
Following the brook as it flows under Eastwood road on to the greenway
The greenway
Shared path !
Back of Westcliff high
Leaving prittle brook and into nelson road
Exit Nelson road crossing London rad chalkwell park in view
Walk edge of chalkwell park into Leigh road on to old Leigh road heading back to estuary
Crossing the ridgeway
Chalkwell station
Saltwater cafe


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