2.89 mi

Elevation gain

381 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

381 ft

Max elevation

1,593 ft



Min elevation

697 ft

Trail type





June 8, 2016


June 2016
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1,593 ft
697 ft
2.89 mi

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near Stanton in Peak, England (United Kingdom)

Nice little walk that combines thick forest and open fields with very nice views.

Passes by the Nine Ladies stone circle which is dated from the Bronze Age.

At times the shrub seemed to be relatively dense, but that would depend on the time of the year (we did the walk in August). Note that my 3 month old daughter was being carried in a front-chest pouch for the duration and it was all ok.

A toddler might have struggled due to the shrub but that section was not overwhelmingly long.

The shrub could be completely bypassed if the first loop to the west is not followed and you carry on due south to the Nine Ladies.

Other interesting features close to the walk are:

Grey's Tower /Reform Tower (build dedicated to the Reform Act of 1832)
The Cat Stone
The Duke or York Stone
Random unfinished millstones.

Grey's Tower is easy enough to find. The other aforementioned points of interest lie NW of the southern loop of the route approximately. We did not come across them but then again we might have just missed them.
If my memory serves me right we did come across some millstones and a fair bit of watering troughs for cattle.



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