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near Graeme Hall, Christ Church (Barbados)

This walking trail starts opposite the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security along Graeme Hall Road in Christ Church at 13.07479°N and -59.56932°W. Walk heading south along Agave Drive and then turn along Graeme Hall Road 13.07467°N and -59.56903°W heading south. Follow Graeme Hall Road until 13.07013°N and -59.56615°W at Highway 7. Turn left heading east along Highway 7 until Dover Road at 13.06982°N and -59.56396°W. Dover Road leads directly to world famous St. Lawrence Gap and quite a lot of very good restaurants, five star hotels, and great bars along the south coast of the island. This area is quite popular with tourists and is extremely safe. Dover beach is located at 13.06665°N and -59.56897°W and is a good place for a swim and a good meal as well as the island’s locally made rum punch. Continue walking along St. Lawrence Gap to the junction with Highway 7 at 13.06904°N and -59.57575°W. Continue along Highway 7 to Top Rock Roundabout at 13.07027°N and -59.56820°W at the Sol Service Station. Then take Graeme Hall Road back to the starting point.

Starting Point

This is the staring point of this loop.

Maxwell Hill Road

This is the junction at Maxwell Hill Road and Graeme Hall Road.

Highway 7

This is the intersection at Highway 7 and Graeme Hall Road

Dover Road

This waypoint is at the intersection with Dover Road and the Highway 7.

Dover Beach

This waypoint sits at the popular Dover Beach.
Religious site

Church of St Lawrence

This waypoint sits at the Church of St. Lawrence along the western end of St. Lawrence Gap.

St Lawrence Beach

This waypoint sits at St. Lawrence Beach just outside of the Yellow Bird Hotel.

The Gap

This waypoint sits a the intersection with St. Lawrence Gap and the Highway 7.

Top Rock

This is the roundabout at Top Rock.

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  • Photo of Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker Jul 18, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very scenic, lots to see and do, and quite a lot of very good food...

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