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near Quart de Poblet, Valencia (España)

First of all, we went to the Turia river and then there we started looking for plants and human impacts, they separated as in two groups.One group did the water analyzed and the other group did the route.
While one group are doing the route ,the other group took samples of the water to analyze the water's temperature, turbidity, the dissolved oxygen, heartburn, pH, nitrate, hardness of water, and we did that putting pills in the samples of the water, depends of the color of the water it means something.After that, while the group doing the route, they took photos of flora and human impacts and also they film the route with Wikiloc.

CONCLUSION: We learnt a lot about the water, the different plants that are in Turia river, the insects that we found ,and finally also we learnt that we haven't through waste to the floor because we are polluting the earth.

Human Impact


Human impact




Flora and human impacts


Flora and human impacts


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