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near Amidaji, Wakayama (Japan)

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The stage that I had to do today was from Koguchi to Nachisan, 19 km without the possibility of supplying you with water or food, today it was quite hot, then I wanted to see Nachisan, another important Buddhist center and continue to sleep in Shingu, so as I I wanted to see Nachisan well, and I think that making the walking route would not be possible, I decided to take a bus to Shingu, leave everything in the hotel and again take another two buses to the center of Nachisan.
I think it was worth it, when I got to Nachisan I first stopped at the Nachi-no-Otaki waterfall, later we went to see the three-storey pagoda "Hookyoo", then we were at the Kumano Nachi Taisha sanctuary, the first of the buildings that they make up the Kumano Sanzan.
From here we start to descend until I discover the Daimon-zaka forest, it is impressive, it is about 600 m. of a stepped and paved road, the forest is closed all of a dark green color, some trees can reach 55 m., without hardly people along the way I could enjoy it very much.
The end of the road takes me to the road where I soon have a bus stop that will take me back to the Sunshine hotel.
Although the track is not indicated, in the afternoon I had time to go to see the temple that is in Shingu "Kumano Hayatama Taisha".
Accommodation: Hotel Sunshine, it's fine, in Shingu there are enough accommodation.
The next stage.- 5th
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Cascada Nachi

Nàzhìlóng (Nachi No Taki) Nachikatsuura, Higashimuro County, JPN

Daimon-zaka Slope


Nachi Grand Shrine




Parada Bus 1


Parada Bus 2



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