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near Moville, Ulster (Ireland)

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Pleasant and comfortable walk that joins the towns of Moville and Greencastle.
The route is perfectly marked and has no chance of loss. It is frequented by the locals, who use it for walks by the sea. It hardly has accumulated unevenness and it can be done with the whole family. Throughout the journey we will find small beaches and coves. We will also find spectacular summer residences.
There is a car park at the beginning of the route, but you can park comfortably anywhere in the town. We can find a source with drinking water a few minutes from the start.

Moville, quieter than Greencastle, once had a great fishing activity. In the time of famine the emigration of its people, mainly to Canada and the United States, suffered a lot. Currently Greencastel is still the most important town in the area, both for its fishing activity and for the Ferry. The first suitable dock was built in 1813 and has been added several times since then. Today, in addition to being a tie for trawlers and salmon boats and home to Fishermen's Greencastle Co-Op, Foyle Fishermen's Co-Op and Fresco Seafoods, the pier also has a very different "catch". Visitors disembark from the Magilligan ferry -Greencastle which was opened in the year 2002.The official website announces the fact that this saves 78 kilometers (or 49 miles) of driving, which would be through Derry. The Lough Foyle Ferry Company has also recently (2004) started a Lough Swilly ferry service covering the route between Buncrana and Rathmullan seasonally. The pier also contains a newly built pilot office that replaces the off-duty pilot office at Carrickarory Pier.
Greencastle is also one of the cruise landing ports that visit Derry. Due to the tidal nature of the Foyle estuary, it is sometimes too shallow for cruisers to make their way to the Lisahally docks in Derry. When you stop at Greencastle you also save 5 hours sailing round trip. However passengers are required to disembark the use of offers, such as, unlike the Lisahally docks, the Greencastle pier was not designed to allow a cruise ship to dock.
The castle in Greencastle has been linked to the castle at the bottom of the Derry ridge.
The castle was built in 1305 to provide a base for the Anglo-Norman power in the Northwest. This building was named "Northburg". There is a more modern Martello Fort next to the Norman ruin. This was built by the British to stop Napoleon invading circa 1800.

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