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Uploaded January 18, 2014

Recorded January 2014

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near Tottenham Court Road, England (United Kingdom)

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London fast tourism in 4 days and get juice.

Fourth day - activity summary:
1.- Visit to the famous The British Museum.
2.- We will go through Regent's Park and Lake
3.- We will go through Tower of London
4.- Cross the famous Tower Bridge
5.- We will travel several kilometers of the Thamesis River
6.- We will see at night London Eye

********************************************** ************************

Once we had breakfast in the "Bed and Breakfast" where we were staying, we searched for the nearest subway and today we start the day riding by subway until where we are going to start the day, in the British Museum,
Regent´s Park
Regent´s Park (Boating Lake)
The British Museum
The Sherlock Holmes Museum
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Waterloo Bridge
London Eye (El Ojo de Londres)


  • Photo of Marta el Mantial

    Marta el Mantial Jan 26, 2014

    Londres de noche es una pasada.

  • Photo of Aldea Maestra

    Aldea Maestra Feb 24, 2014

    Hola Marta, gracias si a mi también me encantó.

  • Photo of MapayBrujula

    MapayBrujula Mar 5, 2014

    Este recorrido me gusta bastante, el resto lo he visto y la verdad es que en general estan fenomenos para un recorrido rápido por Londres y te haces una buena idea.

  • Photo of QuilesMP

    QuilesMP Jun 28, 2016

    bonitas fotos, besos

  • Photo of Mordoc

    Mordoc Jan 20, 2018

    Gracias nuevamente por los cuatro tracks bien realizados me los llevo para Londres de vacaciones. saludos.

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